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Silver Needle Tea – Bai Hao Yin Zhen

About Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle)

silver-needle-teaWhite tea is made in four counties in Fujian province, Fuding, Zhen He, Jian Yang, and Song Xi, though Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) white tea is only made in Fuding and Zhen He. These counties grow unique cultivars of the tea bush, Fuding Da Bai and Zhen He Da Bai, which are capable of producing the large and stylish tea buds that Silver Needle is known for. Seven Cups’ Silver Needle is made entirely from Fuding’s original Da Bai bush type, known for having buds that are bigger, richer, fatter and more numerous than the Zhen He cultivar. Additionally, Fuding’s Silver Needle white tea touts the claim of being the original, invented in 1796, much earlier than Zhen He’s.

Even at its beginning, white tea was a popular export to Europe. Its conspicuously large buds were some times blended with simple black tea to enhance its visual appeal. The First World War halted the export of white tea in 1918. Exports resumed briefly in 1926 but only to be stopped again by the escalation to the Second World War. White tea finally returned to the Western market in the late 20th century where it has been viewed with renewed curiosity.

Tea that I enjoy regularly

I am one of those people that enjoys a lot of different teas but there are a few that I regularly go back to. A friend of mine gave me a few samples of tea from Harney and Sons in New York. I liked tea before but those samples ignited a fire inside of me that has made me into the tea snob, as I am regularly called by my friends. I don’t completely disagree on my tea snobbery but it depends on what how you define what a tea snob is.

My all time favorite black tea is “Paris” by Harney and Sons, a close second in the black tea category is their “Black Current” tea. Both are a staple in my life.