The quest for the perfect blend

There is a part of me that knows it takes work to find the perfect blend. It is seen all through normal life. The blend of work and life. The blend of sleep and reading.

Why is it a surprise that finding the perfect blend of tea would be any different?

I am working to formulate a new blend of tea. I have an idea in my head of what I would like for it to taste like. So why can’t it just magically happen?

Formulation is a process, and one that takes time and experimentation to perfect. Right out of high school I worked in the production factory for a family owned snack, chocolate and trail mix company. The owners would release new products from time to time, but when it came to trail mixes they would begin the process of experimentation. It could take months even years to get the trail mix to where it was good enough to sell to the public.

So why would I or anyone expect anything to be different in our own life? Life is a journey. The pursuit of a perfect blend of tea is also a journey.

After producing a small batch of my tea blend the journey begins. My first step is getting it to people who would be willing to critique my blend. Thus leading me to this point…

The journey to find people to help you on your journey. A lot of people will critique your work few are the people who have an opinion that you should trust. Back to the candy company. They would find distributers who would critique their products for them, they would use the employees to critique and they were family run so all the family members would help in that area too.

You can’t always trust all of the critiques. What I learned from them is that you need to look at the whole picture. You can trust the majority when they are say close to the same thing. You can’t let the “yes” men determine your path. You also need to filter out those who are negative for no specific reason too.

When you are looking to try something new don’t be afraid to go for it. As Thomas Edison is credited for saying, I found a thousand ways to not invent the light bulb.