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Coffee plant leaves for tea? Wize Monkey thinks so…

10615352_817983724925162_8095027607135033979_nTea and coffee are two of the most consumed beverages in the world. Many people feel they need to declare themselves in one camp or the other. What if you could have the best of both worlds?

A new trend, well at least new for the majority of the world, a tea made from the very same plant that produces beans used for ground coffee, espressos and lattes. This tisane has been consumed in Ethiopia for over 200 years. Sumatrans also drink coffee leaf tea rather than roasting beans because they believe it to be more nutritious.

One company who is a pioneer in this is Wize Monkey. They are putting together a few different flavors of this new tisane and according to their website these teas will be available in the spring of 2015.
10846221_832933206763547_3219200613703200182_nWize Monkey has found “Because coffee beans can only be harvested 3 months a year, 90% of staff are seasonal. Due to this, many workers move to the cities to find other jobs, but the cities are highly dependent on agricultural exports to fuel the economy. The coffee leaf can be harvested all year round
With a constant flow of income, these farms can now convert seasonal jobs into permanent ones. This helps develop better communities and stronger families with sustainable and organic agriculture since employees have stable work and don’t need to seek off-season income in other cities.”

An added bonus is that coffee leaf tea would require organic farming methods. This agricultural shift would benefit the farmers and their workers as well as the surrounding environment. I believe that we will be hearing more about coffee leaf tea in the future.

That’s all nice and I am all for helping other people but, really what does this taste like, I really like my morning wake-up juice.

To see testimonials that give more detail by watching their video.

There is some caffeine content but only around 12g. That is about as much as decaffeinated coffee. Some studies have shown coffee leaf tea may have an even higher concentration of antioxidants and other healthy components than some true teas. Antioxidants are polyphenols which have the potential to aid the body with removing free radicals. Coffee leaf tea is also rich in calcium and other vitamins. British and French scientists have discovered that coffee leaf tea contains mangiferin, a natural substance normally found in mangoes. It has been shown to fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels.

I hope to be offering their tea here on my site when it becomes more readily available.

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