Stanley’s blend – A review

I have been drinking a lot of Earl Grey teas recently, last night I decided that I wanted to try something a little different. I had purchased some “Stanley’s Blend” black tea from a while back and decided I would try a cuppa.

Full boil water, half a clam shell of tea leaves.
Steeped for a little more than 5 minutes.
Initial aroma was kind of malty. Smooth
Flavors, of honey and citrus appeared on the pallet. Very warm and friendly flavor. Very much the flavor that you would expect from traditional tea. It was a bit astringent, but not overwhelming. Almost an “Assam” lite, with prominent traditional Darjeeling tea.
This Assam and Darjeeling mix was made by a true tea master, Stanley Mason. Stanley left a huge impact on the tea industry when he met John Harney. Here is a lot of history with those two names. Which I will be posting about at a different time.
Stanley blend is a tribute to the great influence Stanley Mason had on John Harney while he was mentoring John. This tea is a wonderful, medium bodied tea, that would handle milk well. I really don’t care for milk or sweetener in my tea as a general rule. This tea has a subtle sweetness of its own and is a nice lighter version of a breakfast style tea. It changes flavor and strength as it cools down. At a lesser temperature it still holds up nice, it has a smooth sweet after taste.
If you get the chance to,try it, you won’t be disappointed. For me I am going to prepare some loose leaf tea bags with Stanley’s blend so I can take it with me to work.

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