Kuti – Coffee Leaf Tea

Finally got my shipment of kuti coffee leaf in. After reading about what wize monkey is doing with trying to stimulate the economy of Central America using their coffee leaves to make a tea I was intrigued. I have had the Ethiopian tea before but not kuti. I went to the wize monkey site to find that their coffee leaf tea wouldn’t be available for another 6 months.

After looking through a few articles I found a place that had kuti coffee leaf tea and decided to order, I am not disappointed. It reminds me of a tea that you might get in a nice asian food restaurant. One difference is the richness of the kuti is such a nice surprise. I realize tea in a asian restaurant is brewed to enhance and not over power the food you are being served so it isn’t going to be brewed very strong. The coffee leaf tea is a rich flavor, great for an after dinner or late afternoon drink.

I was kind of surprised at the bag of coffee leaves I received. They were all huge not at all like the loose leaf style tea that I am used to making tea with. Close to what I have received when I have purchased Shoumei but even a little bigger than those leaves.

Coffee leaves straight out of the bag before adding water.
Coffee leaves straight out of the bag before adding water.
Fresh from the bag coffee leafs for my tea.
Fresh from the bag coffee leafs to make into my tea.
Straight from the Gaiwan into the cup
Straight from the Gaiwan. 200° for three minutes.











I went Gaiwan for the preparation, using filtered water about a teaspoon of the leaves, again they are mostly whole leaves so I kind of just eyeballed it. Used 200° water and let it steep for about 3 minutes. The remainder of the tea I let steep in the Gaiman for another 2 minutes so I had a stronger brew for my second cup.

The liquor is very pleasant, thick, rich, almost sweet. Very nice well rounded taste. Very enjoyable.

I hope you will take the time and try this “tea”.

Happy Lucky’s tea house.