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Tea and health benefits for the heart

A new study from China’s Wuyishan Municipal Hospital reconfirms the benefits of regular tea drinking on preventing hardening of the arteries. Arterial stiffening can reduce lifespan and increase risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and stroke.   The study, “A Cross-sectional Study of the Relationship between Habitual Tea Consumption and Arterial Stiffness,” was led

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Tea Technology – New-Technology worth keeping an eye on

Tea technology worth watching As commercial and at-home users are looking at new ways to enhance their tea preparation, World Tea News takes a look at some of the recent tea technology to hit the market. Teforia (Early Customer Price: $799 – Shipping to begin in Spring 2016) www.teforia.com Teforia combines sophisticated design with highly-responsive technology.

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Silver Needle Tea – Bai Hao Yin Zhen

About Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) White tea is made in four counties in Fujian province, Fuding, Zhen He, Jian Yang, and Song Xi, though Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) white tea is only made in Fuding and Zhen He. These counties grow unique cultivars of the tea bush, Fuding Da Bai and

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Parisian Cafe – Flavored Black tea

A lively blend of flavored black tea, lite citrus, notes. Very aromatic. You will want to prepare this tea with 190 degree water, and steep it for 4:30. Purchase Now There is a $5.00 Shipping and handling charge for every order.

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Gaiwan Preparation

The Chinese gaiwan or covered cup is considered the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavors, such as green and white teas, but is suitable for any type of tea. This method has been used in China since about 1350. The gaiwan consists of a saucer, bowl and lid. It is extraordinarily versatile and

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Singbulli Summer Oolong

I just received my monthly tea subscription, inside was a wonderful oolong tea. Singbulli Summer Oolong is a very smooth oolong from India. I prepared it Gaiwan. First infusion I set my water to 190 degrees F. I let it steep too long at 1:00, it was strong but still smooth, a touch of bitterness

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Zojirushi product update

I just saw this new product from Zojirushi, it’s their thermal gravity pot. Priced at $80-$100 USD. The Thermal Gravity Pot® Beverage Dispenser keeps beverages tasting fresh for hours by utilizing the force of gravity to dispense beverages, minimizing oxidation. It features a high quality vacuum glass liner with excellent heat retention. The high impact strong polycarbonate plastic exterior

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I am proud to offer hand-mixed to order white tea blends.